Effectively planning a team building or employee engagement program has become increasingly challenging. As more and more teams are working remotely, it is vital to invest in virtual team building experiences. 

Why not outsource your event planning to us?


We create team building experiences that naturally enhance real human connections, encourage collaboration and boost morale. The result is a better connected, motivated and happy team!

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Online Trivia

Our most popular option! Your team will love a game of fun general knowledge questions that are jam packed with engaging sound and visuals. You can play as individuals or in teams! Online Trivia Never disappoints. 


Scavenger Hunt Map

Online Scavenger/ Treasure Hunt

A great option for enhancing collaboration and team work. Players have a limited time for scavenger hunting or treasure hunting. They will work together to find hidden objects and use clues to solve puzzles. 

Magnifying Glass

Online Murder Mystery

Players are encouraged to dress the part - show up in your favorite detective costume and play along to solve the case of "who dunnit?" Prepare for lots of fun and collaboration to solve these mysteries

Dining Room

Online Escape Room

Each team is trapped and given clues as they progress through different stages to win the game. Teams will need to work collaboratively to escape before time runs out. 

The Magician

Live Shows - Comedy Or Magic Show

Give us a little background on your industry, your company and your team and we'll provide the live entertainment. Enjoy a comedy or magic show ONLINE. Your team can sit back in the comfort of their homes (with their families) and enjoy the show.

Stretching Class

Online Health & Wellness Classes

Great option for those wishing to try something different as a team. Choose from:
- Laughter Therapy

- Yoga

- Hip Hop Dance Class

- Caribbean Dance Class

Smiling Businessman

Book a Workshop

Delivered by the best in their category, these workshops provide results and are tailored to cater to the needs of the remote worker. Choose from:
- Leadership

- Communication

- Stress Management

- Building human connections in a virtual environment 

Red Carpet

Company Awards Show

This is a fan favorite... Your team arrives in their best attire for this online award ceremony (families invited). The ceremony is moderated by someone from our team and another from yours. We provide a survey for people to nominate winners for the most bizarre categories, such as most likely to start a DIY project, or most likely to miss an optional meeting. The  Program includes 5 minutes of laughter therapy, 15 minutes intro by a comedian. 30 minutes of Award Show and concludes with 15 minute magic show.

Outdoor Event

Bespoke Event Planning

Meet your bespoke event planner - whether you are planning an in-person experience or a virtual event. Sit back, relax and we will take care of all the planning. This offering includes industry leading Keynotes and presenters from our network. Contact us to start designing a vision for your next team building experience. 

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